Crane Inspection in Europe

Third-party inspections for used cranes

If a contractor or a trader is in the process of purchasing a used crane it comes often to the question for an independent inspection. Many times it is difficult to find the right person inside the own organization that is able to travel and has knowledge about crane inspections. Another difficulty is often to get a visa granted for countries in Europe or for North America. Ordering someone that is unknown to the buyer can become a problem since some people are inspecting cranes but also active in the trading business. There is a risk the good crane for a reasonable price might disappear because people talk too much.

Independent crane inspectors

There is a good solution available for the above-mentioned problem. Since 2006 the German company Mevas is performing pre-delivery inspections for used heavy machinery. The company provides a service in a highly appreciated quality. Among the customers are major equipment dealers and contractors around the globe. Mevas is independent, not trading with equipment and the team of technicians is available in many countries. With local inspectors Mevas can provide inspections for secondhand cranes for reasonable cost. Access to visa for traveling abroad is not a problem.

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The network

Mevas crane inspectors are available in various countries. In some places we cooperate with local crane-safety-inspectors. This way we can offer inspections for used cranes in the Netherlands, Russia, Croatia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Ireland, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy and some other parts of the world.

Qualification of Mevas crane inspectors

The inspection team has been trained especially in used equipment. Inspectors know where to look for problems and become instructed regularly. Since every crane is different the Mevas management takes care for having a crane operator on site the day of inspection that knows the specific machine. Our engineers have learned in different companies about cranes. An exchange of information and knowledge between the team members allow keeping up to date with different crane brands. Within the last ten years Mevas have inspected cranes of Liebherr, Grove, PPM, Terex, Krupp, Tadano, Faun, Demag, Locatelli, Kato and Kobelco. The owner of the company is related to heavy equipment all his work-life. Wolfgang grew up as operator, mechanic, sales manager for new and used equipment.

Inspection process

The inspection starts with visual inspection for damages, cracks, leaks, bent parts and operator stations. The inspector is going underneath the crane to examine the condition of transmission cases, seals, sleeves, universal joints and steering linkage. He also checks the chassis for cracks. Hydraulic cylinders are checked for damages on chrome and for leaks. Hydraulic hoses are checked for damages. The main inspection part is the functional test. The operation of winches, outriggers, boom extension, swing drive, brakes and safety gadgets will be tested. The boom will be extended to the maximum and lowered to the limit to test the LMB/LNB functionality. This is followed by the swing bearing measurement. Finally, the drive, steering and brake operation of the carrier will be investigated. Mevas Crane inspections are reported on a checklist where the inspector notes all problems and details he find out while the inspection. A detailed description will be given. The crane inspection report comes together with 50-70 pictures.

After inspection

The customer of Mevas will receive a detailed inspection report. In this report all problems and necessary repairs are listed. Mevas crane inspection checklists come together with 50-70 pictures. Usually a crane report is written in English. In some cases comments in other languages can be added. The Mevas team can support on request also with customs, shipping and repair of used cranes.

Inspection of other heavy machinery

The core business of Mevas is the pre-delivery inspection of used heavy equipment. The team performs also inspections for excavators, wheel loaders and other earthmoving machines. Another part of the service is inspection of road building machinery, foundation and engineering machines, drilling equipment, piling machines, trucks and mining machinery. Mevas has capabilities and capacities to valuate small and large fleets of construction and mining-machinery.