Inspections in Italy for used cranes

Inspection Services provided by Mevas

With an international inspection team we are ready to offer inspections for used cranes in Italy. Whether you require an inspection for a used crane in Roma, Venezia, Verona, Genua or another italian city, our crew is ready to check if the crane is in good condition and ready for work. Our italian crane inspector can travel for reasonable cost to most places in the country. He is also available for inspection of used cranes in Slovenia, Switzerland or South-Eastern France (Lyon, Marseille)

Our service does not end with the inspection. The Mevas team can evaluate the crane seller and get information about suppliers reputation. Is the dealer known as a reliable company? Is the offered used crane in his property or is he brokering the unit? What is our impression about the crane seller.

Organizing a used crane inspection also means contacting the supplier directly. The Mevas inspector makes appointment for inspection and helps in case of language problems between buyer and supplier. Last but not least the Mevas team can help with the sales and transport process. We can advise how to forward and ship the crane. We speak the language of the people in Italy.

If you hire Mevas for third party crane inspection you will receive a service that help you to understand the crane condition and you will get support until you closed your deal with the italian supplier.

Other Inspection Services

Mevas is international service provider in relation with used heavy machinery. Our business is reducing the risk when buying used machinery. Therefore we offer additional inspection services for various kind of used heavy machinery.

Pre delivery inspections can be performed for cranes, fork lift tractors, reach stackers, harbor cranes, crawler cranes. We have experienced inspectors for excavators, whell loaders, asphalt pavers, motor graders, mining trucks, articulated trucks, bulldozers and road construction machinery.

Since we are also specialized in mining machinery and engineering equipment we can offer additionally the examination of piling and drilling equipment. We have experience with blast hole rock drills, with large mining trucks and loading shovels. Also the condition of rock crushers and screening equipment can be approved.