The Mevas Crane Inspector Network


Head of the inspection team is Wolfgang Bühn. Wolfgang is more than 20 years active in the business with used heavy equipment. Ten years ago he founded Mevas Machinery Evaluation Services. The company is since 2006 valuating and inspecting heavy equipment. Already in 2008 the inspection of cranes was added. Wolfgang was trained in inspections by a former Tadano-Faun used crane expert.


Chris is assissting in organization of all kind of inspections. He knows all about timing, travel organization and how to organize an inspection job. He is also traveling for construction machinery expertise. Bernd is our crane expert travelling frequently to Holland and Belgium.

In various other countries we cooperate with crane-safety inspectors for used crane inspections. Everone is used to inspect used cranes and using our crane inspection checklist.

Where does Mevas inspect cranes?

We can offer our used crane inspection service in most European countries. With our partner Honestinspections we can offer crane inspections also in many parts of the United States.

Ask for Quotation 

If an inspection for a used mobile crane is required in another part of the world just send us an inquiry. We will answer within a short time if we can support your business with our service.